Health Coaching

Fruit of Core Dysfunction Tree
Is Having a Health Coach Right For You?

There are many people from all walks of life that truly benefit from the support and expertise of a health coach. Here at Rapha Health & Wellness Center our health coach can help you manage a variety of chronic medical conditions while supporting your goals, values, and strengths along the way. Our independent health coach will motivate you and help you sustain healthy behaviors and choices.

Do any of the following symptoms describe you?

    • Anxious, worried, unable to manage stress
    • Overweight, trying various diet plans but never staying consistent
    • Moody, irritable, angry at everything and everyone around you
    • Unorganized, can’t seem to find the time to plan, brain fog
    • Want alternative treatments rather than failed traditional options
    • Want someone who will listen, be supportive, and encouraging

One Size Does Not Fit All.

We address any issues at hand while determining the root cause. Treating the body holistically empowers patients and practitioners to achieve real solutions. This gives you the opportunity to tackle the real problem at it’s core rather than simply masking symptoms, or becoming dependent of pharmaceutical drugs that never address the problem. A comprehensive plan to address any underlying medical concerns will be created for every individual based on his or her lifestyle, medical history, genetics and environment.

Success Depends On You

When your health and wellness are no longer a priority sickness and illness begin to affect your life so that there is no longer an option for it to be ignored. Success in life can be affected by your health. Health coaching can be defined as helping patients learn new skills, gain new knowledge, and provide the tools and confidence needed to become active participants in making better choices. We take the time to listen to what our clients have to say to help them get on a better path sooner rather than later. You can take control of your health today and get back to enjoying the things you once did without the bothersome struggles you’ve dealt with in the past.

Take a look below at the information to see if our program may work for you. We are here to help you take control of the root issue of your problem and get back to living a happy, healthy, full life. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our office and schedule a consultation today. We look forward to working with you to find your path to wellness that meets all of your needs.

“Hear counsel, and receive instruction, that thou mayest be wise in the later end.” Proverbs 19:20

Get Inspired!

As you begin this journey, working with your health coach will help you get inspired about your new future. With the encouragement of a coach and a personalized plan, you can obtain your goals with someone by your side to help guide you into optimizing your health. You can reach your goals!

Finding the right program is easier than you think. Working with the talented experts here, you can find the proper method that will help your body function as it was created to do. We know that not a one-size solution will fit all the clients we work with. That’s why your plan is personalized to your unique situation.

Our Atmosphere

Positive, Energetic, focused is what our atmosphere will be on your pathway to wellness. You have direct access to your health coach through messaging in the portal, texting, email, telehealth and office visits We make communication and your concerns a priority and will provide feedback that won’t interfere with your progress.

Are you ready to begin living again?

At Rapha Health and Wellness, our approach to your care follows a holistic and functional pathway addressing the root cause and imbalances within the body rather than just focusing on symptoms. Contact us to begin your journey on a pathway to wellness.