Post Surgery Recovery Care

Nurse Assisting Patient
Rapha Health and Wellness Center provides pre- and post-operative concierge services. Even if it’s not your first surgery, we can help make sure you have a pleasant experience before and after the procedure. Surgery in itself is very complex and can be scary, especially if you’re doing it alone.

Whether or not you have someone to care for you, our private care services can help ease the pre- and postoperative process by helping you maneuver through the details.

With a solid nursing foundation in the Emergency Room, Home Health, PACU and Vascular and General Surgery, we have the ability to recognize complications or various problems and manage them swiftly.

We will coordinate and follow your surgeon’s instructions and plan of care. Should the need arise we will be in direct communication with their office.

We are located in Central Florida and mobile for your convince. If you live out of the area please contact us for further details to see how we can assist you.



4 hours


    • Transportation from surgery center
    • Patient and caregiver education with review of surgeon’s discharge instructions
    • Assessmeny for comfort and complications including vital signs
    • Electrolyte drinks
    • Prescription pick up


8 hours

Includes everything in Basic, plus:

    • Transportation to Post Op Appointment (if appointment is on post op Day 1)
    • Light housekeeping and meal assistance
    • Vital Signs
    • Drain Care & Output Measurement
    • Monitoring urine output
    • Medication reminders
    • Assistance with walking and range of motion
    • Grocery Pick up
    • Bathroom Assistance, basic hygiene
    • Monitoring of Surgical Site(s)


12 hours

Everything in Premium, plus:

    • 1 (one) IV Hydration session
    • May be divided into three 4-hour days



Includes transport for:

    • Airport pick up/drop off
    • Pre-op appointment
    • Surgery pick up/drop off
    • Post-op appointment

À La Carte Recovery Services

Seroma Drainage


Includes full office visit, assessment, education.

Drain or Suture Removal


Includes full office visit, vital signs, assessment, education.

Hemoglobin Blood Draw


In-office hemoglobin blood draw with pick up from laboratory (Quest, Labcorp, Access Labs).

IV Hydration Therapy

Price Varies

Lactated Ringers, Normal Saline
Myers’ Cocktail, Glutathione Push

Coming Soon

Red Light Therapy


Infrared Sauna

Lymphatic Manual Drainage

Ready to recover beautifully?

Book our services and select a package that best fits your needs. Let us help you find your pathway to wellness!